IceTAL 2010
7th International Conference on
Natural Language Processing

August 16-18, 2010
Reykjavik, Iceland


Full papers

A Formal Ontology for a Computational Approach of Time and AspectAurélien Arena and Jean-Pierre Desclés
A Morphosyntactic Brill Tagger for Inflectional LanguagesSzymon Acedański
A Non-linear Semantic Mapping Technique for Cross-Language Sentence MatchingRafael E. Banchs and Marta R. Costa-jussà
A System to Control Language for Oral CommunicationLaurent Spaggiari and Sylviane Cardey
Anaphora Resolution with Real PreprocessingManfred Klenner, Angela Fahrni, Don Tuggener and Rico Sennrich
Automated Email Answering by Text Pattern MatchingEriks Sneiders
Automatic Construction of a Morphological Dictionary of Multi-Word UnitsCvetana Krstev, Ranka Stankovic, Ivan Obradovic, Dusko Vitas and Milos Utvic
Automatic Distractor Generation for Domain Specic TextsItziar Aldabe and Montse Maritxalar
Collocation Extraction in Turkish Texts Using Statistical MethodsSenem Kumova Metin and Bahar Karaoğlan
Comparing SMT Methods for Automatic Generation of Pronunciation VariantsPanagiota Karanasou and Lori Lamel
Comparison of Paraphrase Acquisition Techniques on Sentential ParaphrasesHouda Bouamor, Aurélien Max and Anne Vilnat
Concept Based Representations for Ranking in Geographic Information RetrievalMaya Carrillo, Esaú Villatoro-Tello, Aurelio Lopez-Lopez, Chris Eliasmith, Luis Villaseñor-Pineda and Manuel Montes-y-Gomez
Design and Evaluation of an Agreement Error Detection System: Testing the Effect of Ambiguity, Parser and Corpus TypeMaite Oronoz, Arantza Díaz de Ilarraza and Koldo Gojenola
Estimating the Birth and Death Years of Authors of Undated Documents Using Undated Citations Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner and Dror Mughaz
Frames in formal semanticsRobin Cooper
Head Finders Inspection: An Unsupervised Optimization ApproachMartín Ariel Domínguez and Gabriel Gaston Infante-Lopez
Hybrid Syntactic-Semantic Reranking for Parsing Results of ECAs Interactions using CRFsEnzo Acerbi, Guillermo Pérez García and Fabio Stella
Large-Scale Language Modeling with Random Forests for Mandarin Chinese Speech-to-TextIlya Oparin, Lori Lamel and Jean-Luc Gauvain
Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Parallel Weighted Finite-State TransducersMiikka Silfverberg and Krister Lindén
Passage Retrieval in Log Files: An Approach Based on Query EnrichmentHassan Saneifar, Stéphane Bonniol, Anne Laurent, Pascal Poncelet and Mathieu Roche
Portable Extraction of Partially Structured Facts from the WebAndrew Salway, Liadh Kelly, Inguna Skadiņa and Gareth Jones
Semi-Automatic Endogenous Enrichment of Collaboratively Constructed Lexical Resources: Piggybacking onto WiktionaryFranck Sajous, Emmanuel Navarro, Bruno Gaume, Laurent Prévot and Yannick Chudy
The Effect of Semi-supervised Learning on Parsing Long Distance Dependencies in German and SwedishAnders Søgaard and Christian Rishøj
Shooting at Flies in the Dark: Rule-Based Lexical Selection for a Minority Language PairFrancis Tyers, Linda Wiechetek and Thomas Omma
Symbolic Classification Methods for Patient Discharge Summaries Encoding into ICDLaurent Kevers and Julia Medori
TectoMT: Modular NLP FrameworkMartin Popel and Zdeněk Žabokrtský
The Representation of Diatheses in the Valency Lexicon of Czech VerbsVaclava Kettnerova and Marketa Lopatkova
Using Comparable Corpora to improve the effectiveness of Cross-Language Information RetrievalFatiha Sadat
Using Information From the Target Language to Improve Crosslingual Text ClassificationGabriela Ramírez-de-la-Rosa, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez, Luis Villaseñor-Pineda, David Pinto-Avendaño and Thamar Solorio
Using temporal cues for segmenting texts into eventsLudovic Jean-Louis, Romaric Besançon and Olivier Ferret

Short papers

Automatic Learning of Discourse Relations in Swedish Using Cue PhrasesStefan Karlsson and Pierre Nugues
Clustering E-Mails for the Swedish Social Insurance Agency – What Part of the E-Mail Thread Gives the Best Quality?Hercules Dalianis, Magnus Rosell and Eriks Sneiders
Digital Learning for Summarizing Arabic DocumentsBoudabous Mohamed Mahdi, Maaloul Mohamed Hedi and Hadrich Belguith Lamia
Enriching the Adjective Domain in the Japanese WordNetKyoko Kanzaki, Francis Bond, Takayuki Kuribayashi and Hitoshi Isahara,
Event Detection using Lexical ChainSangeetha S., R.S. Thakur and Michael Arock
OpenMaTrEx: A Free/Open-Source Marker-Driven Example-Based Machine Translation SystemSandipan Dandapat, Mikel L. Forcada , Declan Groves, Sergio Penkale, John Tinsley and Andy Way
Reliability of the Manual Segmentation of Pauses in Natural SpeechRaoul Oehmen, Kim Kirsner and Nicholas Fay
Robust Semi-supervised and Ensemble-Based Methods in Word Sense DisambiguationAnders Søgaard and Anders Johannsen
Summarization as Feature Selection for Document Categorization on Small DatasetsEmmanuel Anguiano-Hernández, Luis Villaseñor-Pineda, Manuel Montes-y-Gómez and Paolo Rosso
Time Expressions Ontology for Information Seeking Dialogues in Public Transport DomainAgnieszka Mykowiecka
Towards the Design and Evaluation of ROILA: A Speech Recognition Friendly Artificial Language Omar Mubin, Christoph Bartneck and Loe Feijs
User-Tailored Document Planning -- A Game-Theoretic ApproachRalf Klabunde and Alexander Kornrumpf
Using Machine Translation Systems to Expand a Corpus in Textual EntailmentJulio J. Castillo